The recently aired final commitment ceremony of the popular television show Married at First Sight (MAFS) left viewers feeling angry and confused when one of the wives, Alyssa, showed her selfish and self-centered nature. During the emotional ceremony, her husband, Duncan, expressed his feelings of rejection and sadness. However, instead of comforting him, Alyssa turned the conversation around and made it all about herself.

Alyssa’s Selfish Actions

During the final commitment ceremony, Duncan reveals to Alyssa that he had been feeling rejected and broken. He admitted that he had been crying, but he did not express that to his wife. Alyssa’s reaction was far from comforting as she accused him of not sharing his emotions with her earlier.

MAFS Wife Gets Criticism for Being Selfish During Final Commitment Ceremony
MAFS Wife Gets Criticism for Being Selfish During Final Commitment Ceremony

When one of the experts on the show, Alessandra, intervened and asked Alyssa to listen to her husband’s emotions, she responded by saying, “He’s telling you.” This statement showed her dismissive attitude towards her husband’s feelings and showcased her selfishness.

Alyssa’s Lack of Empathy

In another instance during the final commitment ceremony, Alyssa showed a lack of empathy when she refused to have a conversation with her husband. When asked to consider her mood and how it affects Duncan, she retorted that she needed to go home and see her child. She emphasized that her mood had nothing to do with Duncan and that she could not give him the conversation he needed. This behavior left viewers shocked and angry as she showed no consideration for Duncan’s feelings.

Viewers’ Reactions

Fans of the show took to social media to express their disappointment in Alyssa’s behavior. Many referred to her as toxic and a villain. They compared her to the show’s much-hated groom Harrison, who also exhibited gaslighting behavior towards his wife. The viewers were appalled at Alyssa’s lack of empathy and her selfish nature.

The final commitment ceremony of MAFS left viewers feeling angry and disappointed as one of the wives showcased her lack of empathy and selfishness. Alyssa’s behavior left many people criticizing her and calling her toxic. Viewers hope that this behavior is addressed in future episodes of the show.

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