In a recent interview, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink expressed confidence in the possibility of an Ether exchange-traded fund (ETF), even if the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) designates ETH as a security. This statement comes amid regulatory scrutiny surrounding the second-largest digital asset.


The debate over whether Ethereum’s ether should be classified as a security has intensified. While the SEC is reportedly investigating this matter, Fink remains bullish on the long-term viability of Bitcoin and believes that an ETH ETF could still be viable.

The SEC’s Stance

Larry Fink

Currently, the status of Ethereum is in limbo. The SEC has not officially classified it as a security, but recent subpoenas to U.S.-based companies suggest that the regulatory agency is considering this possibility. Ethereum is primarily viewed as a decentralized cryptocurrency, but the SEC continues to monitor the space closely.

BlackRock’s Position

BlackRock, known for its successful iShares Bitcoin Fund (IBIT), has submitted filings for a spot ether ETF. Fink’s optimism is a striking note, given the uncertainty surrounding ETH’s regulatory status. The final decision by the SEC is expected in May, with industry experts divided on whether applications will be approved.


Despite the challenges, Fink’s confidence in an ETH ETF underscores the growing interest in digital assets. As the crypto landscape evolves, investors eagerly await the SEC’s verdict.


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