Actress Caitlin Stasey is known for her roles in popular Australian series and Hollywood movies. In a recent interview, she shared some of her favourite possessions and a tool she uses to curb her screen time. Here are some highlights from her conversation.

Caitlin’s love for a mysterious oil painting

Stasey was particularly passionate about an oil painting she owns that depicts afghan dogs. She bought it from a flea market in LA and loves it for its haunting, yet beautiful image. The painting features three adults and five puppies, and Stasey and her girlfriend even make up stories about them. Stasey’s attachment to the painting is such that she would save it from a fire without a second thought.

Actress Caitlin Stasey reveals her favourite possessions
Actress Caitlin Stasey reveals her favourite possessions

Caitlin’s Perspex box hack to reduce screen time

Stasey admitted that she, like many millennials, gets sucked into social media and can lose a lot of time on it. To curb her screen time, she puts her phone in a Perspex box that she can lock. She sets the time she wants her phone to remain locked away and the box doesn’t open until the time is up. She finds the tool very useful but admits that she once accidentally set it for 10 hours and found it pretty stressful.

The Versace bomber jacket that Caitlin may have lost

Stasey felt immense guilt as she revealed that she might have lost her girlfriend’s Versace bomber jacket. The jacket holds sentimental value as her girlfriend has had it since she was 12 years old. It mysteriously disappeared from their house one day, and the only person who could have lost it is Stasey herself. She hopes to find a replacement soon and admits that she has been forgetful since childhood, as evidenced by the lost property box from her Girl Guide camp days.

Caitlin Stasey’s interview offers a glimpse into her life and personality. She values sentimental possessions and is willing to admit her mistakes, like possibly losing her girlfriend’s beloved jacket. She also recognizes the addictive nature of social media and has found a solution that works for her. Overall, Caitlin is a relatable and honest celebrity who reminds us that even the famous have their quirks and struggles.

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