Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is set to stand trial in Park City over allegations of reckless skiing that left Terry Sanderson injured in 2016. The hit-and-run ski crash saw Paltrow plough into Sanderson, an optometrist, on a beginner slope at Deer Valley Resort. The incident left Sanderson with a brain injury, concussion, four broken ribs and more. The suit also names the resort and three of its employees. Paltrow, meanwhile, claims Sanderson collided with her from behind, causing her injury. She has filed a counter-claim seeking symbolic damages of $1 and legal fees.

The events of that day

On the day of the crash, Sanderson was skiing with a group of acquaintances when Paltrow came skiing down the slope out of control and crashed into him from behind. Sanderson was taken down the rest of the run by a ski patrol toboggan as he was unable to ski down on his own because of the injuries he suffered in the collision. After the fall, the actress apologised, telling Sanderson she was angry with him.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow

The allegations

In the initial lawsuit, Sanderson sought damages of $3.1m. He later amended it to an amount to be determined at trial. Paltrow accepted the crash happened but maintained that it was Sanderson who ran into her, blaming him for the collision. In the counter-claim, she alleged that Sanderson was using the case to exploit her wealth and celebrity. She also claimed that her injuries from the collision were substantial and caused by Sanderson.

The trial

Paltrow is set to face trial at Park City District Court. The trial is expected to last eight days, during which time a verdict will be reached on the case. The skiing accident raises important questions about the responsibility of skiers on the slopes, and could have a significant impact on skiing regulations in Utah and beyond. As the case unfolds, there are sure to be further revelations about what happened that day, and what responsibility Paltrow or Sanderson bear for the crash.


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