Lapland UK, an enchanting Christmas experience for families, has announced the release of its bookings for the 2023 Christmas season. With heaps of snow, magical elves and a visit from Father Christmas himself, it’s no wonder that parents are excited to bring their children to experience the magic. The day-long adventure through the Elven world includes meet-and-greets with mystical elves, a visit to a snow-laden cabin, and a toy factory toy ahead of Christmas Day.

What is Lapland UK and why is it special?

Lapland UK is a family-friendly Christmas adventure that offers an immersive experience for children and adults alike. The Elven world that is created is complete with snow, magic, and Father Christmas himself, making it an experience not to be missed. The tickets include a special invitation from Elva the Postmistress and The Lapland Times – a newspaper filled with stories from the Elven land.

What does the Lapland UK experience entail?

The day-long adventure takes visitors through the enchanted forest, where they will encounter mystical elves and end up at a cosy snow-laden cabin. The ticket includes free parking, an Elf passport for children, and a toy factory toy ahead of Christmas Day. The experience also offers a souvenir photo, a husky soft toy for children over 12 months old, and the opportunity to work in the Toy Factory and Mother Christmas’ kitchen.

Lapland UK
Lapland UK

How to book tickets for the 2023 Christmas season

To book tickets for the 2023 Christmas season, visitors can go to beginning at 12 pm. Visitors will receive Elven currency to spend while in Lapland, and infants under 12 months old can visit for free. Although Lapland UK cannot replace more expensive Christmas vacations, for families who want to experience the magic of Christmas without shelling out for passports and plane tickets, it’s a great option.

Why choose Lapland UK over more expensive Christmas vacations?

With Lapland UK’s announcement about the release of bookings for the 2023 Christmas season, families can start planning their Christmas adventure early. Lapland UK offers an interactive experience, complete with an enchanted forest, snow-laden cabin, and mystical elves. Don’t miss out on booking tickets for this magical Christmas experience.


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