The recent deposition of Binance.US’s COO, Christopher Blodgett, has shed light on the severe repercussions the company faced following allegations by the SEC. The legal scrutiny, which questioned the compliance of Binance Holdings Ltd. and its U.S. counterpart with securities law, has led to a drastic reduction in workforce and a significant plunge in revenue.

Workforce Reduction

In the wake of the SEC lawsuit, Binance.US was compelled to lay off more than 200 employees, which constituted approximately two-thirds of its total staff. This move came as a direct consequence of the 75% drop in revenue the company experienced post-lawsuit.

Financial Strain


The deposition also highlighted the financial strain on Binance.US, with legal expenses soaring to around $10 million. The company’s operating costs have surged, and the loss of banking partners has further exacerbated the situation, leaving the platform struggling to maintain its operations.

Operational Challenges

The operational capabilities of Binance.US have been significantly hindered by the staff cuts. The reduced workforce has strained the company’s ability to respond to discovery requests from the SEC, and the loss of banking relationships has impeded customer transactions.

Customer Confidence and Asset Withdrawal

Following the SEC’s temporary restraining order, Binance.US witnessed a mass exodus of assets totaling approximately $1 billion. This not only affected the company’s revenue but also eroded institutional confidence in the platform.

Looking Ahead

As Binance.US navigates through these challenging times, the future remains uncertain. The company’s efforts to rebuild trust and stabilize operations are ongoing, but the outcome of the SEC lawsuit will be a decisive factor in its recovery.


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